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  1. Free Webinar The State of Social Media 2015

    Join mRELEVANCE managing partner Carol Morgan on Tuesday, May 19 at noon EST for a free webinar on “The State of Social Media 2015.” This webinar kicks off the Fresh Perspectives six part free webinar series presented by LassoCRM and the National Association of Home Builder’s Professional Women in Building Council. It’s been said that one year in the real world is like five on the Internet. So that means a lot has happened in digital media since 2014. For… Read More

  2. Think Twitter is for the Birds?

    Tweet Tweet.  It isn’t the blue jay or mocking bird outside your window. If you think Twitter is for the birds, you might want to think again. Twitter is a hugely powerful online tool when used correctly. A recent article by Website Magazine gives tips for how to use Twitter as a Google SEO tool. If you are concerned about reputation management, Twitter can help. After all, you should like what you see when you Google your name. . …. Read More

  3. Skills Not Tools . . You Engaging Others

    REtechSouth speaker Jeff Turner says, “The computer is a moron, stop trying to get its attention. You need to get your client’s attention.” You must control the machine. It is not about having the most friends on Facebook or the most followers on Twitter.  Social networking is not about SEO, it is about YEO – You Engaging Others. Your goal should be to engage people, engage converse, talk and sell. Skills you need to cultivate today: Design – have a… Read More