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  1. Facebook vs Twitter: Why You Should NOT Link These Social Media Websites

    I don’t know about you, but every time I get on Facebook, I find that my wall is full of tweets and when I visit Twitter I can see everyone’s Facebook status updates. It just goes to show you that all of our social media websites are becoming a lot more interconnected these days: every time you log into one account, you’re asked to connect it to another account. While I LOVE all social media sites, I believe that there… Read More

  2. How to Properly and Effectively Deal with Negative Feedback on Social Media Sites

    We all love social media sites when they’re working for us. It’s fun to see positive feedback on your Facebook wall or have a client tweet a cheerful remark about your company. However, most of us have seen the other side of it as well. You know: the knot you feel in the pit of your stomach when someone has something not-so-nice to say about your business. Your first instinct might be to delete the comment and hope that no… Read More