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  1. 5 Social Media Trends to look for in 2018

    Every day there are more and more brands reaching to connect with audiences. So what can be done to garner attention within the afforded 8 seconds?  Here are 5 of the leading trends we feel will be social media turning points in 2018.   1.  Influencer Marketing Increases – More than 90% of marketers who’ve used influencer marketing feel it works.  And with that percentage, expect them to continue and most likely increase their involvement.  The best part is that… Read More

  2. Gotta Catch ‘Em All – We Mean Homebuyers!

    As you probably know, Pokémon Go is a huge hit. The app has an estimated 15 million downloads, and it is among one of the most heavily used apps.* How can Pokémon Go help attract buyers to your homes? Here are a few ideas: — For your next open house or grand opening event, purchase a pack of lures (about $31) to attract potential buyers to your property all day long. Whether they are millennials playing the game or Gen… Read More

  3. Ramp Up Your Social Networking with LinkedIn

    Is your LinkedIn page looking a little rough around the edges? Maybe you created it and then haven’t really thought about it much since. Or, maybe you’re constantly updating your profile and adding new connections. Either way, there’s always something more you can be doing with the site. LinkedIn is a growing, powerful professional networking tool when used effectively. Here are a few tips to give your LinkedIn profile a little boost: Give connections the axe. Adding new connections is… Read More

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  5. FREE Online Couponing Webinar

    Consumers are coupon savvy. Everyone is looking for the best deal, and they want to share what they find with others. Don’t think so? Just look at the popularity of Groupon, Living Social and Facebook Deals; and all give users the opportunity to share what they find on social networking sites. The same is true with new home sales. With low interest rates and many builders offering affordable pricing, homeownership is becoming a viable option for countless new home buyers…. Read More

  6. Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Spamming Blogs Now

    In your travels through the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ve seen spammy comments from some internet users. You know what they look like—blatant advertising in the form of irrelevant, impersonal comments with multiple links. They shamelessly promote people or products and want to spread as many links back to their sites as they can. Their authors probably mistakenly believe it’s an appropriate cheap substitute for working to build relevant links. Blog spammers- you know who you are- beware and keep reading!… Read More

  7. Do You Need a Social Media Restraining Order?

    Are you a social media stalker? If you answered no, you might want to think again. Sure, you may not be a stalker by the traditional definitions of the word: using the Internet to threaten unwilling victims or using Facebook to spy on an ex. However, you may be committing some transgressions without even realizing it. Below, are three tell-tale signs that you may be a social media stalker in need of a restraining order. You might need a social… Read More

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  9. IBS: Friend, Fan, Follow or Fail

    Consumers, Realtors and other influencers continue to flock to social networks to promote homes, communities, products and brands. If you haven’t started a social media program, or if you launched your online profiles but never completed or learned how to use them, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and start discovering the basics of social networking. This year at IBS, Carol Flammer, Kelly Fink and Linda Hebert will… Read More

  10. 7 Tips for Social Networking

    So what is the best way to network?  We are all pretty well versed at networking events. We have been attending those from the time we were born. From family gatherings to friend’s birthday parties and office parties, we are pros at mingling in person.  Attend, mingle, pass out business cards, follow up the next day and that pretty much covers how to network, right? What happens when you take it online? Now your networking attempts are visible to a… Read More

  11. Who Are You?

    You are on Facebook now, and you probably even have a few contacts, but who are you? Does this photo look familiar? I have no idea what percentage of Facebook and LinkedIn users have this same photo, but it is HUGE! I want to know who I’m connecting with on social networking sites, don’t you? Please do me a favor, and yourself, and upload a photo so that I know who I’m connecting with. Chances are that you are missing… Read More

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  13. Twitter Follow Limits

    Why can’t I follow anyone on Twitter? Has Twitter told you that you can’t follow anyone else? Like many sites, this social networking site uses a formula for determining how many people you can follow.  Much like measuring ingredients for a cake, if your ratios are off, it just doesn’t work. Basically, you can follow up to 2,000 people. Then you can’t follow any more until there is a balanced ratio of people that follow you back. Each account can… Read More