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  1. Journalists Use Social Media to Find Stories

    If your company is using social media to share news and messages and start conversations with consumers. . .good for you! A recent study by Brunswick Research found that over two-thirds of journalists have written a story that originated via social media. Where these stories originate is interesting too! Most journalists cite Twitter as a great source of experts and blogs as the foundation for their stories. The study focused on the trends in the use of social media by… Read More

  2. Traditional Press Releases Are Most Definitely NOT Dead

    “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain And so goes the increasing belief among many businesses that traditional press releases and media relations are no longer viable in a market where more news is published and accessed on line. Here’s a news flash: A survey by Oriella PR Network of 750 journalists found that most of them value targeted, e-mailed press releases from PR professionals when they are gathering and reporting news. The 75% of journalists… Read More