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  1. So Thankful

    The mRELEVANCE team has a lot to be thankful for this year.  As an agency, we are thankful for our clients, business partners and friends. We are fortunate to do what we love everyday and to be able to work with people and companies that we enjoy spending time with and that have visions that align with ours. As individuals we also have lots to be thankful for.  Many of our team members chimed in with what they are thankful… Read More

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and Good Eating from mRELEVANCE

    The mRELEVANCE team wishes all of our friends and family a joyous, plentiful Thanksgiving this year and every year to come. We are thankful for so much this year, it would be impossible to list everything, but know that we include all of you on that list. We consider you part of the family, so we wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods with you. We hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, filled with all… Read More

  3. Six Things We’re Thankful For

    At Marketing RELEVANCE, we’re all about the turkey and pumpkin pie, but we know that we all have plenty to be deeply thankful for while we’re enjoying our holiday feast later this week.  So we’d like to share with you, some of the people that mean the most to us, what we are thankful for. Clients – We don’t feel bad bragging about this one. We have the best clients.  They challenge us to do our best. They put their… Read More

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  5. Our Pilgrimage on the Internet: Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

    The pilgrims were adventurers, every day brought new opportunities and new challenges. We are lucky to be involved in a career that brings us opportunities and challenges on a daily basis! Every day is a pilgrimage deeper into the Internet exploring new media marketing and interactive marketing for our clients.  But like the pilgrims, we have a lot to be thankful for. Most of all we’d like to say thanks to our friends, family and wonderful clients. The team at… Read More

  6. Wishing You a Bountiful Thanksgiving

    The team at mRELEVANCE wishes all of our friends and family a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for our clients, family and health this holiday season. We wish all of your the best. As an interactive firm, we  thought it would be fun to share our favorite Thanksgiving foods with you. We hope you will join in too! Mitch – Cajun fried turkey with canned cranberry sauce — forget the homemade sauce, it needs to have lines from… Read More