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  1. 7 Essentials for Social Media

    I recently participated in a PRSA Webinar that discussed the 7 essential social media techniques for success in public relations, and I thought it would be beneficial for me to share what I learned: Listen – one important facet of social media that many people tend to overlook is listening. You get so caught up in what you are creating and promoting that you forget to read (listen) to what the consumers are saying. Social media has opened up an… Read More

  2. Internet Marketing for Home Builders

    Is your Internet marketing strategy working? Have you effectively connected the dots and can you track each of the component’s effectiveness? Does your website relate to your blog and your email marketing program? How effective is your traditional advertising and Public Relations strategy and do you know which of your Internet ads drive the most traffic to your website? This seminar will help you understand how to connect all of the pieces of your marketing strategy into a cohesive plan… Read More