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  1. Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Content Calendar

    In a past Marketing RELEVANCE blog post, “Social Media 101-Blogging for Business” we talked about the important role blogs play in your social media plan.  However, blogging is only a part of the social media puzzle and needs to be a companion to your posts and tweets.  So how do you make all the various planforms look unified and present your brand cohesively?  Enter the Content Calendar. In order to use social media effectively and drive traffic to your website,… Read More

  2. Twitter: A Dying Social Media Outlet or a Tried-and-True Tool

    Earlier this year, mRELEVANCE wrote a Back to the Basics: Social Media 101 series focusing on the importance of blogging and social media platforms for businesses. It has taken us six months to realize one very important aspect of our series: while we were lecturing on the importance of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+, we forgot all about Twitter! As a company who makes a living in social media and marketing, how could we forget about a social media… Read More

  3. Is Grandpa Tweeting?

    If your business sells or markets products or services to older Americans, you may think that you need to stick to traditional forms of advertising like billboards, flyers and mailers, radio ads, etc., and not social media, email or online ads. But it’s a lot more complicated than that, according to newly released data on adoption of technology by America’s seniors from the Pew Research Center. In their research, “Older Adults and Technology Use,” they found two distinct groups of… Read More

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  5. Tweak Your Tweets

    Approximately 9,000 tweets are posted to Twitter every second, so how can you make the most out of your 140 characters? With such a limited amount of space to get a message across to a large audience, it’s important to make tweets both appealing and effective. In Facebook vs Twitter, we wrote about why it’s important to keep your Facebook and Twitter separate, but now it’s time to talk about tweeting effectively! Here are a few tips: •    Create Social… Read More

  6. PubCon 2014: Part VI: Tips and Tricks for Social Media

    In Part VI of our PubCon 2014 series, we will discuss some high level thoughts, as well as some quick tips and tricks for the most popular social media platforms: Facebook • Engagement with brand pages has decreased in the last year and is likely to continue to decrease • The best time to post is between noon and 4 pm • Retargeting has become a must. However, you may need to throttle it back, don’t be annoying • Images… Read More

  7. Learn what’s Beyond Facebook at KBIS 2014

    What do you do after Facebook? mRELEVANCE Managing Partners Carol Morgan and Mitch Levinson will answer this question as they present “Beyond Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and More” at the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. The session will be held Thursday, Feb. 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. If Facebook, Twitter and blogging have become second nature and you want to know what’s next, then this seminar is for you! You’ll… Read More

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  9. How to Utilize Twitter’s Custom Timelines for Your Brand

    Move over Twitter Lists, there’s a new sheriff in town. Twitter’s recently launched Custom Timelines feature has quickly gained popularity with the microblog’s users due to its easy ability to curate and share specific content. While Twitter Lists have long been used as a way to publicly or privately create “groups” of Twitter users, they lack a certain level of control, meaning they can easily end up with a stream filled with unrelated content. On the other hand, the new… Read More

  10. New Analytics Show You Your Most Retweetable Content

    If you tweet, listen up! Twitter has added analytics for users. Proving return on investment with time spent on social media sites is a hot topic, and lots of sites have added analytics to show users how they are performing. With a variety of social media platforms pulling you in different directions and demanding your attention, it can be hard to know where you should spend the bulk of your time and if the time you spend is paying off…. Read More

  11. Geo-Targeted Ads to Debut on Twitter

    Twitter is once again expanding, and this time the site’s advertising offering is becoming more robust. The micro-blogging service, which currently only allows for advertising in specific metro areas, plans to release more geo-targeted advertising by the end of the year. The new advertising services will allow brands to promote tweets to people who open the Twitter app within a certain range of their stores. This means that rather than advertising to all of metro Atlanta, if you are a… Read More

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  13. Become a Movie Star with Twitter’s New #FollowMe Video Service

    Recently, Twitter launched its newest tool, #FollowMe. This  video service from the popular microblogging service allows users to instantly create and share movies that depict their social footprint, which includes top tweets, most popular times they tweet, followers and photos. This campaign is powered by Vizify, a program that analyzes, organizes and digitizes your Twitter information into a short video. Additionally, music can be added to the video with , one of 30 licensed soundtracks.