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  1. The Battle of the Social Video: Instagram vs. Vine

    If you like to experiment with new social media sites, you have probably downloaded Vine to your mobile phone by now. If you keep up with the latest social media news, you have heard of Vine, the six second video tool from Twitter. Well now this super short, micro video site has competition! Instagram recently unveiled the ability to create 15 second videos on their app. Instagram is a photo sharing site that allows users to filter photos and upload… Read More

  2. Vine 6 Second Video Marketing

    Video is a great way to “Rev up Your Social Media.” When you think of using video as a social marketing tool, YouTube is probably top of mind. However, individuals and companies are expanding their use of social video by using Vine, a new site developed by Twitter. So, what exactly is Vine? Vine is a mobile service that allows users to capture and share short, looping videos. Videos can only be six seconds, so capturing the viewers attention quickly… Read More