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  1. He Said. She Said. How Much Copy Should My Blog Posts Have?

    This week on He Said. She Said. we are exploring content. Remember, each question posed will be answered from two unique perspectives. Mitch Levinson will answer from the perspective of the search engines and Carol Flammer from the perspective of site visitors. So here’s the question of the day. . . Q: How much copy should a blog post or website page have? A: Carol Flammer – A happy medium for a blog post is around 300 words.  You can… Read More

  2. Hold ‘Em, Fold ‘Em or Walk Away: Internet Marketing Strategies

    Meredith Oliver, MIRM, Kelly Kenton Fink, MIRM and Deborah Blake presented winning web marketing strategies for home builders this morning at International Builder Show in Vegas.  This well attended session was moderated by one of NAHB’s favorite speakers, Meredith Oliver, who (as always) made it fun with a Casino theme. The session covered five winning strategies. 1.    Up the “ante” with a strategic eMarketing plan. 2.    Go “all in” with a WOW Web site 3.    Hit the traffic “jackpot” with… Read More