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  1. Quick To Act: Rebranding a Website

    It’s important to be agile; to be able to adjust mid-course and come out successful in the end.  That’s exactly how Marketing RELEVANCE responded when we were asked to refresh The Providence Group’s (TPG) existing website. It’s not that the site was now unacceptable in terms of functionality; quite the opposite, in fact.  The site was completely redesigned by Marketing RELEVANCE in 2012 and still provided a responsive, enjoyable user experience, but TPG was exploring a brand refresh and they… Read More

  2. Duplicate Content on Your Blog is Bad, Um…K?

    Duplicate content on your blog is bad. Why? Because Google tells me so; and when Google speaks, I listen. Besides, don’t you want to provide your readers with thoughtful, unique and relevant content? You should be providing information that keeps your readers on the edge of their seats and coming back for more! Well, maybe your posts about your new project, advancement, award or service aren’t as enthralling as the latest celebrity gossip, but you DO want to be seen… Read More

  3. What Does Your Website Come With?

    Before you buy a new laptop or DVD player you typically research quality and brand. Best of all you determine the price you are willing to pay for the features you want.  You choose which product you want, how long it might last or even what ‘special features’ it has and base your buying decision on how ‘valuable’ each feature might be relative to cost. Well unfortunately, the same is not always true for your website or blog. It is… Read More

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  5. What is SMO – Social Media Optimization

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process optimizing a website through social media outlets in order for the website to appear or rank higher with search engines.  This process creates and spreads content and impressions or awareness online and the results are compounded virally by blogs and RSS feeds. The new “cousin” to Search Engine Optimization, SMO is a relatively new technique.  Understanding where to post, how to build blogs and key metrics is critical to launching an effective Social… Read More