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  1. Quick To Act: Rebranding a Website

    It’s important to be agile; to be able to adjust mid-course and come out successful in the end.  That’s exactly how Marketing RELEVANCE responded when we were asked to refresh The Providence Group’s (TPG) existing website. It’s not that the site was now unacceptable in terms of functionality; quite the opposite, in fact.  The site was completely redesigned by Marketing RELEVANCE in 2012 and still provided a responsive, enjoyable user experience, but TPG was exploring a brand refresh and they… Read More

  2. Website 404 Page – Do you have one?

    Does your Website have a 404 page? A 404 page is a generic page built in a website to ‘catch all’ of the erroneous links and bad URLs. Without a 404 page, your potential customers could get a result like this! This is bad for many reasons! If you have deleted website pages and not redirected the URL or if a person simply has a typo in a page address, this is what they’d get. Not only is this not… Read More