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  1. Chicago Wolves Team Up With mRELEVANCE

    The Chicago Wolves are looking to score by teaming up with mRELEVANCE. Chicago’s favorite hockey team has already been winning big with our website tracking and reporting services, but now they’re looking to take their game to the next level with a dynamic website visitor feedback questionnaire. The Chicago Wolves are a four-time champion ice hockey team dedicated to providing affordable sports entertainment for the entire family.

  2. Internet Marketing: What is your tracking report telling you?

    Mitch Levinson, MIRM presented “Internet Tracking, What Your Website Visitors are Telling You” at the International Builders Show earlier this week along with fellow MIRM, Kathie McDaniel of Highland Homes in Central Florida.  Here are the key points from the seminar. The goal of tracking is to trend your traffic up over time.  Today’s traffic is your baseline. Interpret the data  over time to make decisions and adjust your strategy. Here are some ideas on what your should track as… Read More