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  1. Tips on How to Keep your Computer and Website Secure

    Today smartphones, tablets, and computers pretty much dominate our everyday lives. And while communication has become easier and more efficient than ever before, these technological advancements have brought with them new concerns about privacy and security.  Marking today as National Computer Security Day, it’s the perfect time to share some tips on not only keeping your computer secure, but also your website. Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise awareness concerning computer security issues.  The most obvious way… Read More

  2. Quick To Act: Rebranding a Website

    It’s important to be agile; to be able to adjust mid-course and come out successful in the end.  That’s exactly how Marketing RELEVANCE responded when we were asked to refresh The Providence Group’s (TPG) existing website. It’s not that the site was now unacceptable in terms of functionality; quite the opposite, in fact.  The site was completely redesigned by Marketing RELEVANCE in 2012 and still provided a responsive, enjoyable user experience, but TPG was exploring a brand refresh and they… Read More

  3. The Three Little Letters You Need to Know

    Do the acronyms IDX and XML ring a bell? Chances are, if you’re in the real estate or home building industry a little “ding ding ding” noise is going off in your head and you’re thinking “I’ve seen those letters before.” The challenge for most non-technical people in the business is that they really don’t understand these terms and the impact they have on business today.

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  5. 2012 is the Year of the Website

    With the economy on the rebound, businesses are making sure that they stay in front of consumers where they shop. . . online. Our highly digital society demands that sites look good on personal computers and on mobile devices. As many companies are looking for a fresh, user-friendly look, that performs well in the search engines, they are turning to Marketing RELEVANCE. Mitch Levinson, managing partner of Marketing RELEVANCE says, “It is a fact that 2012 is the Year of… Read More

  6. Spread the Word with Eblasts

    Are you currently contemplating ways to keep prospective, past and current clients updated on the status of your company? Try spreading the word through newsletter eblasts. This will create a strong email marketing campaign that provides your company with a way to maintain your brand, increase customer loyalty, stay top of mind and even get referrals. Emails can also help you drive traffic to your website, blogs and social media sites, not to mention your sales center, store or office…. Read More

  7. Home Shoppers Use Mobile to Search

    In a society where people are always on the go and always plugged into technology, it is no surprise that studies are finding more and more people are searching for their perfect new home on mobile websites. A recent study on home shoppers from The Real Estate Book found that 98 percent of home buyers found mobile devices to be a valuable tool in the new home search process. Of this 98 percent, 46 percent stated that mobile technology was… Read More