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  1. Online Reviews Now #1 Trusted Source for Women

    So, say you’re interested in a new cell phone or a new cosmetic product or even a new pair of jeans. What are the factors that go into deciding whether to buy or not? If you are like most women in America, you call a friend for advice and ask whether they have personally had experience with the product or service being considered or if they know someone who has. After all, what better source of information on a new… Read More

  2. Women on the Web

    The 2010 BlogHer-iVillage Social Media Matters Study has just been released. It demonstrates that not only are women comfortable with the Internet, but we have moved much of our day-to-day socializing and networking online. The study shows that 73% of women online are now active social media users, engaging weekly or more often with top social media platforms. This is certainly true for me and for my female friends! We offered a seminar at IBS earlier this year called “Sell… Read More

  3. A Woman’s Approach to Social Business Networking

    This article first appeared in the Summer 2009 issue of NAHB’s Building Women. As the 21st century enters its tweens, no one is surprised that business networking has gone hormonal. People are in touch 24/7. Your best friends, your college boyfriend (who is now quite embarrassing), the high school nerd (who is now quite wealthy) and even random people who have “friended” you may now converse with you in the same forum as your business contacts. And they all want… Read More