Tag: YouTube Design Changes

  1. Attracting All Audiences with YouTube

    While YouTube One Channel has been around for a few months now, many brands don’t know how to best take advantage of the improvements that the new platform provides. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know: Layout: The new layout has removed the customizable background and replaced it with Content Art, which is a photo banner that resizes (think responsive design) to the appropriate ¬†browser size based on the device used to access the site. Included in… Read More

  2. YouTube Gets a Facelift

    You might have noticed/heard that YouTube got a new look. Launched April, 1 2010 the new cleaner, more streamlined YouTube was rally not an April Fools prank. Here are some of the changes you’ll need to take note of as you’re navigating the new page. The biggest change is the design change of the right hand navigation bar. Where there once was YouTuber (ie YouTube user) information, a picture, and the embed code for your favorite videos, you’ll now find… Read More