Education and Seminars

Marketing RELEVANCE experts teach Internet Marketing, Website Optimization, Social Media, Tracking and Analytics, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) courses for associations and clients across the country.

Programs are tailored to be relevant to each audience and designed to challenge participants to rethink their approach to create relevance in the marketplace.

Seminars  include:
Social Media Lab

Social Media Lab is a hands-on workshop designed to train professionals how to effectively use social media to enhance their online reputation, reach existing customers and build relationships with target audiences. This lab covers the “how to basics” of Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Get started with the right sites and strategy with tips and insight from social media experts, Carol Morgan, MIRM and Mitch Levinson, MBA, MIRM.
(3 or 4 hours, CE Credit available in some states)

He Said. She Said.

Internet marketing experts Mitch Levinson, MIRM and Carol Morgan, MIRM will answer commonly asked questions related to online marketing from two different perspectives. Taking the “He Said” position, Mitch will answer questions from the perspective of how to improve your SEO. From the “She Said” position, Carol will focus on how to create great content that attracts and engages readers from your blog to your Facebook page. This lively 60 minute discussion is sure to be both fun and educational.
(60 minutes)

My Brother Built It, Why Doesn’t It WORK?

Your website and SEO – Have you ever wondered, “How effective is my company’s website?”  The Marketing RELEVANCE team runs across companies every day that had their website built by a relative, typically their brother or brother-in-law.  This is great if your brother or brother-in-law works for an Internet marketing company, but chances are, he doesn’t. Many of these companies don’t see results from their websites and simply have a hard time proving or justifying the effectiveness of their sites. In the worst cases, they can’t get their sites to work at all. During this 90 minute, 2 hour or 3 hour seminar on websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we will cover the five most common reasons why Web sites do not produce leads, prospects or buyers: (i) Not built to drive traffic, (ii) Difficult to Navigate, (iii) Content and Branding, (iv) Proper Call to Action, and (v) Tracking and Analytics.
(90 minutes, 2 or 3 hours)

Blogging to Build Traffic: Online and Onsite

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their website? In this eye-opening session, industry experts will teach you about one of the easiest, most effective and cost-efficient solutions: launching a blog. You’ll get field-tested advice in how to make your blog the engine of your social media program for an effective, tried-and-true strategy that will improve your Search Engine Optimization, enhance customer interaction and increase sales. Case studies will demonstrate the impact of blogging – including one corporation who found that 22% of their onsite traffic was a direct result of their social media program.
(90 minutes)

Generation Translation: Sales, Communication and Marketing Techniques for Reaching Buyers from Gen Y to Boomers

Do you communicate well with Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers? Do your sales and marketing professionals understand how unique their interaction with each generation of home buyers must be? Join this fun, action-packed 90 minute session to examine your current approach and possibly shift your thinking on how to powerfully and effectively communicate your brand message through social media and the Internet across each target market. Learn how to tailor your message and form of communication as we role-play and discuss examples of appropriate uses of technology to reach your buyers in each generation.
(90 minutes)

Online Coupons, Promotions & Incentives

Now that your basic social media sites are built and you are ready to engage your fans, where do you start? Consumers are looking for deals, and they want to share what they find with others. Don’t think so? Just look at the popularity of Groupon, Living Social and Facebook Deals; and all give users the opportunity to share what they find on social networking sites. With fierce competition to attract buyers and increase sales conversions, find out during this 90 minute seminar how online incentives and contests drive sales. Build online coupons, promotions and incentives into your social media marketing strategy.
(90 minutes)

Beyond Facebook: Pinterest, Google+ & More

Do you feel like you’ve got Facebook, Twitter and blogging down? You’re posting, commenting and tweeting like a pro and asking yourself, “What’s next?” This seminar will give you examples of strong, successful social media initiatives from around the country. Learn about the tools to create content that engages your fans and improves your bottom line. You’ll learn the business benefits of and how to use social sites like Pinterest, Google+, FourSquare, Instagram, mobile sites, landing pages and more. The session is jam-packed with practical ideas that will help you take your marketing to the next level.
(90 minutes)

Mobile Marketing: How to Attract Buyers Using Smart Technology

We are in a “gotta have it, know it, see it, get it now” age. Fifty percent of homebuyers own smartphones and are using them to find homes for sale. Are your communities and homes available for viewing on mobile devices? Are you incentivizing and reaching out to mobile shoppers? If not, you are being quickly dismissed by shoppers. Don’t get passed over! This seminar will teach you how to integrate the right technologies into your marketing initiatives.
(90 minutes)

Location, Location, Location: How to Use Local Search and Review Sites Effectively

It’s all about location, location, location; and the popular sales motto has never been truer than it is now with online marketing, which is shifting to a geographic focus that delivers personal results to visitors based on their physical location. “Location, Location, Location: How to Use Local Search and Review Sites Effectively” covers geo-location social media sites/apps like Foursquare, Yelp, Google+ and Facebook and how to tie these sites into a business’ overall marketing efforts; how to best utilize these sites; the frequency and importance of local search (and mobile use’s impact on local search); how to improve local search/SEO for your business; how to get positive online reviews/testimonials and how to handle negative ones.
(60 minutes)

Managing Your Online Reputation

Reputation management is one of the top reasons your company should be using social media. In this interactive, lively discussion, participants will learn how to proactively manage their company’s reputation through social media. This seminar explains how to use search engine optimization for reputation management; being proactive vs. reactive; the importance of and how to get positive testimonials and reviews; the best review sites for building a strong online reputation and how to handle negative online reviews. This seminar includes the Dos and Don’ts of reputation management in social media and an activity to get practice on handling negative comments.
(60 minutes)