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10 Easy Concepts to Understand Your Updated Website and Web Presence

  1. Consumers Crave Visually Appealing Web-Platforms
    When it comes to visuals, people want something that is easy to look at. Your website needs to be able to capture users’ attention while infusing content in order for them to begin exploring who you are. The back-layout of your site is the key to holding attention. Designating a main color scheme for your site, creating a trade dress, can establish a connection for the consumers associating those colors with you. Small details in the background are what will drive your visitors to continue exploring and clicking throughout your website.
  2. Be User Friendly
    This is arguably one of the most important steps in updating your website. People nowadays tend to get very frustrated with products, websites, companies, or anything if it is not easy to pick up and understand how to use relatively quickly. You need to make sure someone outside of the designers and builders tests your site for ease of navigation to make sure a new user who is half paying attention to the computer and half paying attention to netflix can get through and find what they are looking for easily. This next recommendation may seem obvious, but double check and make sure your links and tabs CLEARLY state where the links will take you. Just because you understand what a tab name means does not mean that some average joe off the street who isn’t involved in your industry in the slightest will understand as well when they stumble upon your site. You never know how long people plan on looking at your site, and your goal is to extend whatever time they were initially planning for as long as possible.
  3. Natural Marketing
    People talk, a lot, and when someone finds a website that fits their needs, you know that they are going to recommend it to their friends. Having an overall visually appealing website that people don’t mind, or realize they’re, spending time on will naturally increase and generate consistent traffic to your site. Infusing your content into some format to encourage bouncing around your site is crucial in naturally marketing your brand. You need to give people something interesting and conversation worthy to tell their friends about. Some sort of special feature that only your website does or some unique form of delivering content are just two examples of way to create natural marketing.
  4. Staying Trendy
    Stay on top of industry news and social media, company trends, and everything involving change. It is important to set aside time to explore outside of your company in order to know what is going on. By figuring out what people are doing in order to drive traffic, you can expect what direction that may be heading in and jump ahead of the curve. Additionally, if you see someone do something that generates an exceptional amount of traffic, figure out some way to enhance their strategy and utilize it for yourself. I know most companies create content calendars in order to organize when and what they are posting on each platform, which is why forecasting trends and at least attempting to create new ways to drive traffic is important to accomplish well ahead of time.
  5. Keep an Eye on your Competitors
    I don’t mean this in a creepy, or illegal, way obviously, however following your competition on social media accounts and repeatedly checking any other platforms that consistently get updated is tremendously important in maintaining your own web presence. You never want to look too similar to another company, especially one competing in the same space that you are. On the other hand, generating ideas based on competitors websites is a great way to keep your website constantly changing and making users want to come back and check it out. Give yourself an advantage by knowing what content your competition is posting and how you can make yours better.
  6. Portray your Brand
    Your website is a direct representation of who you are as a company. Creating the website that you want people to see and judge you on is not a small task. Know who your audience is and what the best way to connect with them is in order to cater towards what they want. Your home page is the first thing new users are going to see so make it as interesting and intriguing as possible. Sometimes simpler is better.
  7. Social Media
    This industry has been growing quickly for a very long time and is expected to grow even faster in the future, which is why examining each platform and deciding on the ones you want to focus your business on is crucial. No matter which platform you choose, you must research how that platform works and how their specific algorithms work. Social media marketing is all about knowing how to work the system in order for your posts to reach the largest possible audience and create as many interactions as possible. Another large aspect of social media is content. You can’t just post anything in order to keep consistency up, quality of post is extremely important and should give the audience some outlet to respond or engage with you. The more you interact with people online, the wider you audience will be and the more people your accounts will attract. One new aspect of professional social media that we can see emerging is actually acting somewhat non-professional. Wendy’s twitter account is a prime example, engaging in memes and jumping onto universal online joke bandwagons. Learning how to develop content that people actively want to engage in and share is hands down the best way to spread your brand without spending a dime.
  8. Online Interactions
    As previously mentioned, generating online interactions and engagements is critical in driving traffic onto your websites and social media platforms. Again, content that people want to engage in is the best and easiest way for your name to get out there since interactions, in most social media algorithms, boost your post to the top of other people’s pages and spread your content throughout more online communities. Social media has become a casual way for business and consumers to interact with each other, making online interactions very important when maintaining your public image and shifting the way your online community feels about you. People are going to judge your company based on the things that you post, therefore the more public positive interactions you have with your customers, the more people are going to interact, engage, and think of you when you need them to.
  9. Networking and Creating Connections Online
    Everything happens online nowadays, which is why social media is an outlet for connecting with potential business partners, not just customers. People can go from seeing some post, messaging someone, and all of the sudden they have a new connection and access to new information and resources they didn’t have before. If other people do this, why can’t you. “Shoot your shot” as the kids say. You never know what is going to happen by direct messaging someone about some certain post and striking up a conversation about it. Establishing an initial connection is all you need when expanding your network and it really can be as easy as that.
  10. Have fun with it
    Just remember that your content is yours. Don’t try to put on some fake business professional facade you think will impress people. Be yourself and just show the world what your company is about. You know what your core ideals are and you know what you want to do for people. Sugarcoating and layering those messages in vague posts trying to get them to realize what you’re about isn’t the way to get through to people. You need to let them know what you can do, what you’re going to do, and how you are going to accomplish this. Being honest with the public and showing them your past accomplishments to prove what you can do is the most effective way in creating trust in your company. Start with being yourself, both in person and online.

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