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10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

2010 resolutionsHappy New Year! The team at mRELEVANCE has been busy putting together our top 10 social media resolutions for 2010. These are tasks that will benefit your business and help you communicate more effectively in the New Year. Let us know if you have specific questions about our resolutions; however, we plan to post a blog about each of them in 2010!

  1. Create a Social Media Policy (Carol Flammer thinks this should be on the top of everyone’s list. You already have staff creating sites, now it is time to back up and write the rules of engagement.)
  2. Figure out Why to Use Google Wave (Mitch Levinson has caught the wave, but now has the challenge of figuring out how to make it effective. Intern Sarah Walraven gives us some ideas.)
  3. Get a Gravatar and a Disqus account (Laura Everett wants to see your photo when you comment on blogs.)
  4. Create a Google Profile (Wardell Latham believes that when you Google your name, you should like what you see. Start building your personal brand with a Google Profile.)
  5. Tweet interesting information, not just blog posts (Ask Mike Rieman, he will tell you that content is king. Get creative with your tweets!)
  6. Consistently better use of Anchor text when blogging (Laura can show you how to optimize your blog posts with keywords and anchor text. Content is king, but SEO is the crown!)
  7. Better integration of social networking into workflow (Mitch knows that everyone loves social networking on a personal level, but integrating into your workflow for business can be more difficult.)
  8. Apply metrics and goals to social media marketing to determine ROI (Here is Mitch’s refresher on ways to measure social media and how to determine success. Look for quality not quantity.)
  9. Integrate Google Side Wiki into social media programs (Michelle Serra warns companies to guard their reputation, don’t get caught off guard with Google Side Wiki.)
  10. Think of it all as marketing (We all know that the goal of social media should be to drive quality traffic that will convert into sales. Look at social media as a key component of your marketing strategy and treat it as such.)

Expanding on the top 10 list, we developed a top 5 list of resolutions for our potential clients.

  1. Create an effective and optimized blog (the one your niece built probably doesn’t count)
  2. Have a Web site that converts traffic into leads or appointments
  3. Track ROI for all marketing
  4. Engage in social media
  5. Call us at mRELEVANCE to find out more – 770-383-3360