20 Ways to Save

Keystone Custom HomesCentral Pennsylvania home builder Keystone Custom Homes celebrated 20 years in business with their 20 Ways to Save Campaign, a creative promotion that had customers visiting their social sites for deals on new homes for almost seven weeks.

During the promotion period, the builder offered a total of 20 different ways to save with special coupons available on their website, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. No offer was alike, so customers had to visit each site to find their favorite.  Incentives included a free stainless steel refrigerator, kitchen package upgrade, utility package upgrade, $1,000 off select floorplans or homes in select communities, free Whirlpool tub, deck upgrade, etc. Offers were available for select times only during the promotion period and could only be found on certain sites, which encouraged buyers to visit each site to find the one they wanted the most on their new dream home.

This was a great way for the builder to connect to new home shoppers and get them to like, follow and visit their sites (and to stay connected online).  Traffic originating from Facebook.com during the 53-day promotion period was 51.50 percent higher than the 53 previous days. And on average, each visitor saw about 3.6 pages per visit and stayed for 5 minutes and 10 seconds – all healthy, quality traffic statistics. Traffic from Twitter went up 50% and traffic from Pinterest went up almost 7 percent.

The promotion definitely worked for Keystone, which was already experiencing a record sales year, despite being in an economic recession. The 20 Ways to Save campaign helped build on that momentum, with 26 coupons redeemed from the promotion. And during the promotion period, gross sales were 67 and net sales were 35. That’s a 26.42 percent increase in gross sales and 59.09 percent increase in net sales over the same period in 2011, when gross sales were 53 and net sales were 22.

The most popular coupon redeemed was for a free nine foot basement upgrade, which was available from their blog and accounted for 30 percent of the redeemed coupons. Coupons were redeemed from all their sites: their website, blog, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts; so shoppers really were following each of the sites to find their favorite deals.