2013: Eye Candy, Ear Candy, Social Media, Mobile and More

Internet Marketing PredictionsThe ushering in of a new year is the time when resolutions and goals for the upcoming 365 days are set. At Marketing RELEVANCE, we have a few predictions of our own for Internet marketing in 2013.

Eye Candy Becomes MORE Important

Eye candy in the form of pictures and videos was a popular suggestion with team members Jessica Thom, Amanda Winters, Melissa Stocks and Carol Morgan all predicting big things for visuals in the next year. We all know that Instagram and Pinterest were hot in 2012, and they don’t see them going away any time soon. They also predicted that images such as infographics and memes will make a bigger impact in the year to come.

Music to Your Ears

Did you download a podcast in 2012? Chances are you did and you weren’t the only one. Laura Craft and Delaney Young expect podcasts to take off even more in 2013 thanks to the more than one billion smartphone users and growing in the world. Podcasts, such as the weekly Atlanta Real Estate Forum radio show, are an opportune way for marketers to spread their message even when their consumers are on the go.

Pay to Play

In terms of social media, Trevor Niemi and Carol Morgan know that the pay to play model has just gotten started especially since Facebook IPOed in 2012. Companies will need to spend advertising dollars on sites such as Facebook and Twitter if they want to be heard through all the noise. The upside to all of this, is that most social sites offer super sleuthy behavioral targeting that allows you to drill drown and reach your target audience.

Kevin Morrow adds that these platforms must also find the ability to effectively reach their users with their advertisers’ messages on mobile platforms.

Users Gone Mobile

As mobile devices and tablets become more affordable and readily available, Matt Kruse, Julie Johnson and Mitch Levinson predict that web standards will continue to follow. For example, users have already started spending far more time searching the web on their phone than on a desktop computer. This means current Internet marketing strategies will have to evolve, and that mobile will soon become the dominate source of Internet traffic. Companies will begin to favor multi-device websites, which will also see changes in terms of optimization and development.

Continued Growth of Social

When it comes to social media itself, expect some big changes in the next 52 weeks.

Ricky White predicts that social media will only continue to expand, while Ben Heisler thinks social media marketing will become less about awareness and more about service including outreach and crisis communication.

Both Lauren Pond and Mitch Levinson see Google+ gaining users especially now that the site has unveiled social search.

Resident SEO expert Kyle Eggleston shares that Google’s algorithm updates, which have started including social signals when calculating a website’s rank, will be a big factor in 2013. “SEO isn’t just about optimizing your title tags and building backlinks to your website – at least, not anymore. Social Signals are things like Facebook likes/shares, Twitter followers/tweets and the number of people in your Google+ circle. These signals likely play both a direct and indirect impact on organic search rankings. 2013 will be a very exciting year, as the new updates have strengthened the relationship between SEO and social media. Being actively engaged on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is more important now than ever.”

While our team may not have a crystal ball to see exactly what the future holds, we are constantly keeping up with the latest research and technology to make sure we stay ahead of the game when it comes to Internet and social media marketing.

If your company is looking to implement a revolutionary campaign in 2013, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.