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2014 New Years Resolutions

new years resolutionsIt’s New Year’s Eve and the mRELEVANCE team is busy working on 2014 client plans and programs, as well as a few plans of our own. We have all put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard and come up with personal resolutions for the New Year. Feel free to share your resolutions with us in the comments below.

Carol Morgan, Managing Partner – Compete my dressage horse, Johanna at a rated show. I haven’t competed since 2008. #yearofthehorse

Mitch Levinson, Managing Partner – To be a healthier person, eat better, exercise regularly and look like David Hasselhoff from his Baywatch days. #health

Laura Craft, Senior Account Manager – To run and successfully complete the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Savannah in November. #marathon

Julie Johnson, Operations Director – Try one new fun activity a month. I’ve done rock climbing, trampoline dodgeball, whitewater rafting, belly dancing, whirlyball, etc. So now I am going to branch out more. #adventure

Melissa Stocks, Account Manager – Get our finances in order so that we can start a family (hopefully in 2015). #baby

Lauren Pond, Office Manager – Lose weight, exercise on a regular basis and drink more water. #exercise

Courtney Rogers, Account Coordinator – Add at least one new stamp to my passport this year (and each year after)! #travel

Mike Adamczyk, Web Developer – Be more mindful of my health. #health

Ben Heisler, Account Manager – To get married on New Year’s Day 2014. Check this one off! #wedding

Ricky White, Graphic Artist – To prioritize better in 2014 and explore new creative outlets. #creativity

Joe Schulman, Account Manager – To read all of the Game of Thrones books and run 1,000 miles this year. #books

Brian Vicencio, Graphic Artist – Eat healthy, ride 1,000 miles on my bike, discover more places and have another baby! #travel

Amanda Winters, Special Projects – To not worry about things that are outside of my control! #controlfreak

Kyle Eggleston, Internet Marketing Specialist – My resolution is to switch from coffee with cream and sugar to just black coffee. #toomanycavities

As you can see the mRELEVANCE team is a diverse group, but we definitely have some common themes including health, travel, fitness, fun and babies! Happy 2014 to all, and don’t forget to share your resolutions with us in the comments section below.