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In 2015 We Resolve to:

New Years ResolutionsThe mRELEVANCE team has rung in the new year. Welcome 2015! We are all in the office today for a super short work week — one day — and making resolutions for the year. Here are our resolutions. Please share yours with us in the comments:

Mike Adamczyk – My news years resolution is to get back into my old hobbies – tinkering with electronics and woodworking. I’ve put them off to focus on work for too long!

Tom Cirillo – I want to make going to the gym a priority.

Laura Craft – check off one thing on my bucket list by visiting San Francisco and wine country for the first time. I also want to learn how to cook more dishes, so that I start eating in more and out less. Ham sandwiches get old!

Alicia Hilton – Next year, I really want to start a BookTube Channel on Youtube and go back to writing book reviews on my book blog. I always say I want to start a Youtube channel, but I never do, and I am dedicated to start one next year! I also want to get back to a healthy routine and try new fitness routines like rock climbing and yoga. I really want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Arati Karri – I resolve to get on a solid sleep schedule by trying to get to bed by 11 p.m. on weekdays, call my mom more often and to walk at least a mile everyday.

Mitch Levinson – My resolution is to be happier and healthier in 2015, and to focus more on my hobbies.

Carol Morgan – I’d like to be even healthier in 2015. And, I am going to take a trip to China. I resolve to go and visit new places and try some new foods. Hopefully it will all be cooked!

Lauren Pond – My New’s Year resolution is to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I want to get out and exercise, eat healthy etc.

Courtney Rogers – My resolution for 2015 is to live a healthier lifestyle. Not only do I plan to get back on track with working out, but I want to make better decisions about what I eat every day. I also have to teach myself to disconnect and turn off my phone, computer and television at a decent time each night so I can wind down and hopefully get better (and more) sleep. Finally, I want to challenge myself to try something new each month that will help me accomplish this goal, such as try a new workout class or regimen one month, introduce a new healthy/super food that I’ve never tried before, train for a 5k, find a new hobby that I enjoy, etc. I know with a little bit of motivation and a lot of planning, I can accomplish these goals!

Dharmin Shaw – My goal is to deploy a home builder website in 2015. I’m working on one right now, so this should be checked off soon.

David Stiles – To build an autonomous robot that will drive itself.

Melissa Stocks – To welcome baby Stocks into the world and learn how to be a good mommy.