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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New YearThe team has been hard at work creating clients plans for 2016, and at the same time, we have done a little personal planning too. Setting goals is important. In our business, you can’t measure success without goals. The same is true for personal goals and resolutions. Here are our resolutions. What are yours? Share them with us in the comments!

David Stiles – Lose weight; I have 50 lbs to lose.

Mitch Levinson – Just be healthier all the way around. Eating better, exercising more, being positive and having more fun…way more fun!

Bryan Nonni – Professionally, I want to take classes to learn web development skills and graphic design skills to expand my capabilities as a marketing professional and continue to make myself more valuable. Personally, I want to complete six Spartan races in 2016 and, in turn, complete an official Spartan Race Trifecta. I’d also like to train and fight Muay Thai to stay disciplined and honorable in all my pursuits. Finally, I need to save money.

Megan Morgan – My resolutions are to get a new car and learn to budget better.

Courtney Rogers – In 2016, I plan to save more money. We’ve created a budget and are attempting to stick to it as we work toward the goal of purchasing our first home no later than summer 2017!

Lauren Cooper – To be more involved in and volunteer with local charities/organizations.

Melissa Stocks – I want to get my house organized! Since we combined our office/art room and guest room into one to make space for the nursery, our spare bedroom is looking pretty awful these days. I also want to organize all of our closets and laundry area.

Brittany Hurst – I would like to get back into the gym and try to start playing tennis again.

Lauren Pond – I hope to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle in 2016.

Carol Morgan – Be healthy, lose weight and show my horse more.

Doug Silk – I resolve to slow down a little, and be a little more patient with situations.

Amanda Winters – I resolve to work on not comparing myself to others so much.

Blaire McKenzie – My New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nikola Garvanliev – I have several resolutions on my list: find the time to go to my country to visit with all my family and friends, get more organized and balance my time, improve my skills and knowledge while also learning new things that will help me to be better in my job, travel and visit exciting places, make a lot of friends, read more, workout and get more healthy.

Dharmin Shah – Be more organized in both my work and personal life.

Ricky White – One personal 2016 New Year’s resolution that I have is personal development: learning new ways to be happy, less-stressed and self-accomplished.

Pawel Gawron – In 2016, I resolve to go rafting through the Grand Canyon!