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2018 Search Trends – What to Look For (pun intended)

10_October_SEOTrendsLast week we took a look at some of the fun graphic design trends to look forward to in 2018. Now we’re going to examine some of the emerging and surging search trends.

The SEO landscape has seen a lot of development in the past few years. Your company needs to keep up with developing search technologies in order to stay in front of competitors and first in your customer’s view.

Voice Search –Yes, using one’s voice as a tool to search has become integrated into the world of SEO. In 2016 voice searching soared from a statistical zero to 10% of all searches, which was huge, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact it’s estimated that by 2020 50% of all searches will be by voice. The most cited reason for the spike in voice search is ease when vision or hands are occupied. Hence the rise in voice controlled personal assistants like those from Amazon, Apple, and Google. So, going forward you will want to pay attention to phrases a person may search for while speaking to a device, as these are different to what one may type on their laptop or other device. For more information on voice search, click here.

Visual Search – With the rise of sites like Pinterest, optimizing your visual content for SEO purposes, by using all available areas to detail what your images are, is extremely important. Shopping sites like Google, Amazon, Wayfair and Ebay are already using this technology and use is again expected to grow. This type of search experience adds a new dimension to traditional website search deepening user engagement. Photo categorization and keywords combined with the use of ‘color’ and ‘similarity’ offer a unique way to navigate through online images.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)- AMPs are pages that react well to a mobile device and load quickly, approximately 4 times faster than regular pages. Although not a ranking factor yet it AMPlifies the user experience. An AMP page is attached to a standard web page by an HTML tag in the source code. Easily discovered by web crawlers, search engines can link to the AMP page instead of the standard page because they are built using a subset of HTML. According to Wikipedia, Google reports that AMP pages load in less than one second and use ten times less data than their non-AMP counterparts. Also, CNBC noted a 387% decrease in AMP page load time vs non-AMP.

Website Security – Website hacking is front and center today and Google is taking notice. It’s become such an important issue that it has started to identify sites that are not on https and has now included that as part of its ranking system. Aside from loss of web traffic and revenue due to a hack, search engines in general are now applying penalties by dropping the SEO ranking of your site if it doesn’t stack up to updated security measures.

Bottom line? Call mRELEVANCE to make sure you’re site is secure! We’ve been building mobile friendly websites for search for more than a decade, and have added SSL for security the past 2 years; assuring your site will be ready when Google decides to add this as a ranking factor. No wonder our websites and SEO strategies deliver higher than average traffic and 4-6 times more qualified leads.

For more information on these search trends and how we can incorporate them into your website, contact Marketing RELEVANCE here or call us 847-259-7312.