4 Digital Marketing Trends that Drive Brand Awareness

We all know the old cliché: the only thing that’s constant is change. However, this doesn’t just apply to one or two industries…it applies to everything…everywhere.  Even marketing strategies and tactics have morphed over the years. Digital marketing efforts used to reach your audience last year might not be viable this year. Right now it’s about establishing connections and interacting with your audience. Engagement, building trust…it all leads to prospects and conversions. So what are the digital marketing trends to use now? Combining strategy with the right tactics will constantly navigate you through change. Let’s take a look.

Be Relevant

You probably have more competition than you want in your niche. The key to standing out among your competitors and winning over customers is now more about relevancy than just collecting names and email addresses as leads. People crave relationships and meaning. You need to be able to reach out, make a real connection and provide real solutions to their problems. The internet and digital media is transparent, so you have to be real online. People still love to do business with companies they like, and companies like them. The more you relate to them on this intimate level, the more they will be loyal followers.

Grab Attention

If you are relevant to your customers, they will react. However, you need to capture their attention first. It used to be that you just merely used your marketing muscle (meant budget) and spread it as far as it would go to reach as many people as possible.  With a more intimate connection now being desired the goal is to capture their attention with relevant content and keep them by your side. It’s not so much the breath of your reach any longer, as it is the depth of your reach. Quality, not quantity.

One Platform is NOT Enough

With depth of reach being addressed in content relevancy, it goes without saying that different target markets require different approaches. As this is the most tactical approach, when it comes to digital marketing trends, it makes sense to spread the wealth among multiple platforms to reach the most targets with the most relevant content for that platform. The goal is to deliver your message to where your target is, you need to be where they are when they are making the decision to buy or research your product or service. You need to re-purpose or customize the content for each outlet so it is not exactly the same, and it will serve you well in the long run. For example, take that awesome video you just produced. Post it on You Tube, create a blog post around it, post trailers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and create a feature article about it for syndication. Now you’ve taken one asset and put in places where your target audience may see it no matter what form of digital information gathering platform they’re using.

Focus on the Big Picture

Brand awareness is difficult to quantify, yes. However, it truly is invaluable when it comes to long term effectiveness. You need to nurture your audience in multiple ways today, not just try to sell them. It takes time to build their trust and become top of mind. If you only focus on lead generation, you will most likely see your marketing spend increase while your conversions decrease.


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