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5 Benefits to Creating a Content Calendar

It pays to plan, plain and simple. This goes for everything from your full annual marketing strategy all the way down to your daily content. But you won’t know how truly valuable your content is until you plan and execute accordingly. Creating a content calendar aids with content preparation for not only you, but your team, co-workers and any additional outside sources you employ. Read on to find out what we consider are five key benefits to creating and using a content calendar.

Prepare your Content Resources

Content calendars are vital to helping both your internal and external staff prepare for blog and social media topics. Graphic designers, photographers, writers, etc. will all be aware of what’s in the pipeline so that there are no gaps in your posts.

Plan your Content Ideas

Content calendars allow you to plan ahead for your blog and social media posts. It provides guidance for timely topics as well as an advantage for SEO…yes, content calendars help with search engine optimization, too. When you go back and review past blog topics, you see where you can capitalize on a theme and potentially continue with it. This insight provides you with an additional advantage; allowing you to see if you can link back to any of them in your upcoming posts.

Provide Company Wide Awareness

Sharing your content calendar with coworkers provides valuable insight and congruency for everyone. Your designers know in advance what graphics will be required of them, while your boss understands that the content supports the marketing plan and vision. Likewise, inter-company departments realize what’s coming up and react accordingly, if and when needed. When everyone is aware of pending public content, they are prepared for the company’s needs as well as anticipation of what customers may need when they see the published content.

Maintain Momentum

Employing a content calendar allows you to put forth constant flow of information. You will be prepared for upcoming release dates and with the advanced preparation of scheduled content you won’t be left with content gaps. This prepares you for heavy workloads in other areas, vacations, and such. Basically, it helps you stay on track.

Track Results

Being able to track your content topics is key to knowing just what topics your audience is reacting to. Content calendars allow you to review, to see what worked and what didn’t. This ability propels you to create future content that your audience craves. Look for markers like social media engagement, number of page views on your site and number of comments left. These are all good indicators of the type of content you will want to provide in the future.

As you can see, setting up and consistently using a content calendar has many benefits. If you are not currently using a content calendar and need help getting started, call us at 847-259-7312, or visit our website to find out more. Let’s talk about how we can help you with your creative content needs.