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5 Ways To Get Potential Clients to Your Website… And Stay There!

The “15 second rule” is a real topic of conversation in business these days. What is that rule? It’s the amount of time your business has to capture someone’s attention on your website. If there’s not something on your website that appeals to potential clients within those 15 seconds, chances are you’ve lost them. Fear not! Marketing Relevance is here to ensure that you have all of the necessary knowledge and tools. There are 5 rules to implement that not only get clients to visit your website, but will stay for longer than 15 seconds. 

Getting people to stay on your website.

The most important aspect of getting people to stay on your website is ensuring, it is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. No one wants to visit a website that looks as if it built in the 1990s. Think of what colors represent your business and use them to your advantage to appeal to your clients.  Ask yourself: what would I be interested in looking at if visiting a website for my line of business? Ensuring that your website is user-friendly means taking the necessary steps to ensure it functions across all platforms: tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. There should be no issues with loading menus, being able to contact the business, or scrolling through the site itself. 

Implement the 5 rules

Not only are aesthetic and technological appeal important, but multimedia goes hand in hand with both of those two key components. Your clients need a reason to engage. Incorporating customer testimonials in the form of a picture with a few paragraphs or even a video is a great way to get potential clients curious about your product. Humans are inherently interested by other humans, let this be an advantage. Multimedia can also come in the form of incorporating your company’s Instagram or Twitter posts onto your website so that potential clients can easily access them and see that your business is multimodal. 

Multimedia is not the only way to get clients to engage with your website. You may also consider running some sort of contest through your website to showcase entries on your homepage. For example, a company whose mission is health and human wellness, may challenge their clients to take a picture of them doing some sort of physical activity with a hashtag that relates to the company name. Post entries on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Those who enter have the chance to win a $10 gift card, free fitness classes for a week, or whatever it may be. Feature these posts not only on your company’s social media, but also on the website. This is free press and shows how you care about your clients to provide them with activities and incentives, while your clients care enough about your business to participate. This speaks volumes on a website. 

Call to action!

Take it back to website marketing 101: having a call to action is proven to generate clicks and longer amounts of time spent on your website. This is one of the 5 rules that is very effective. Utilize incentives such as “click here for 15 percent off your first order!” Or “enter your email to become eligible for free shipping for a month!” This gives your clients a reason to click, thus getting them to stay on your website longer. 

Lastly, creating a useful blog that will keep clients returning is a great tool to utilize. Think about what your business has expertise in and use that to your advantage. Invite guests authors who are versed in your field can help with promoting, marketing and driving people to your website. 

For example, a business built on plants and gardening has potential to have a very useful blog. Think about running a series such as “Gardening FAQs” where experts address commonly asked questions related to gardening or herbology. 

Marketing Relevance can help you with creating the ideal website for your business and effectively implement these 5 rules! Contact us today or call 847-259-7312.