7 Tips for Social Networking

Business NetworkingSo what is the best way to network?  We are all pretty well versed at networking events. We have been attending those from the time we were born. From family gatherings to friend’s birthday parties and office parties, we are pros at mingling in person.  Attend, mingle, pass out business cards, follow up the next day and that pretty much covers how to network, right?

What happens when you take it online? Now your networking attempts are visible to a much larger audience. If you consider that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, you can see how much bigger the numbers are. If you are just getting started, here are 7 tips for social networking:

1.    Complete your full profile – Choose a user name that makes sense, include your photo, website, phone number and all pertinent information.
2.    Have personality and be helpful – What you say does not have to be personal, but it does have to have personality. Participate, answer questions and engage in the conversation
3.    Have the right tools – You wouldn’t try to frame a house with a trim hammer, don’t join any social networking sites without the right tools. Get a smartphone, consider a flip camera, launch the right sites and use the apps that best suit your needs.
4.    Follow the right people – If you build it, they will come doesn’t apply anymore. Creating social media sites without engaging others won’t attract followers. Just like social networking IRL, you get out of it what you put into it.
5.   Have a plan for content – You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, so don’t attempt to use social networking as a marketing tool without a plan. I could argue that this should be step 1, but on many social networking sites you can start posting content before you have even completed your profile – not a good idea.
6.    Integrate and promote your sites – Connect your sites together through your blog – the engine of your program. Having a well-built blog saves time, increases effectiveness, shows ROI and saves time! Once your sites are interconnected, make sure to cross promote them.
7.    Understand ROI – Decide what metrics are important to you and measure them. Increased website traffic, better SERP results, improved SEO and more are all potential results.

As you are getting started online, please connect with the mRELEVANCE team. We are happy to answer your questions and We’d be delighted to connect with you. You can find us on any number of sites:
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