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9 Resolutions for 2009

The mRELEVANCE team has put lots of thought into the New Year — new horizons, new beginnings and new resolutions! Here are our top 9 resolutions for 09. We put ourselves into the CEOs position & here is what we predict that companies are resolving for 2009 as it relates to the Internet.

  1. My Internet marketing campaign will become more effective.
  2. I will embrace social media and focus on proactive reputation management.
  3. My email marketing campaigns will no longer JUST be an email.
  4. I will learn how to use the Internet to form relationships with my customers.
  5. My search engine optimization campaign will consist of MORE than pay-per-click.
  6. I will ALLOW my employees to blog at work!
  7. My public relations firm will find new ways to get my story to relevant audiences.
  8. I will discover new ways to relate to the community where my business is located.
  9. My Internet marketing company will provide me with ROI on what is and isn’t working for me.

As a bonus! In Summary, I resolve to make all of my Internet marketing more relevant!

mRELEVANCE works to ensure that your public relations, social media and Internet marketing are as effective as possible. We focus on ROI, results and effectiveness. Contact us for a consultation to take your PR, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing to the next level.