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Always Remember Deadlines

Traton Homes fireplaceWhen working with a reporter, always remember deadlines. Whether they work for a magazine, write for a newspaper or manage a blog, due dates are always looming. That’s why we are always considerate of their time and needs.

This is especially true when a reporter reaches out to us with a specific story. One of the first questions we ask ourselves is whether or not we will be able to compile details, photos and contact information quickly.

Because when we do, we can work with the reporter to provide great placements for our clients. For instance, we recently landed two of our clients, The Providence Group and Traton Homes, in the AJC Homefinder’s cover story. After the reporter came to us with the idea of doing a fireplace story with a tight deadline, we went right to work contacting these clients.

The Providence Group and Traton Homes both build beautiful homes with unique fireplaces. Some are traditional and some are more trendy. The reporter was able to interview designers at both companies for the story, “Warmth in every room.”

Now, because of our timeliness, we have earned trust with the reporter. If you want your story in the news, be available. Just like you, reporters have deadlines too.

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