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Another Week, Another Facebook Change (Or Three)

geeky guy at computerIf you’ve been monitoring your Facebook business page (which if you have one, should be regularly), you’ve certainly noticed that today is a big day: the end of boxes and expansive pixel width for tabs. Apparently the switch hasn’t occurred yet, so there’s still time to make some quick adjustments.

If you still want the information on boxes to be a part of your page, you’ll need to change each box to appear as a tab. If you have social media icons and other buttons as boxes, you may want to rethink how the information is presented and reconfigure or create some new tabs.

The pixel width of canvas applications and FBML tabs is now a mere 520px. Anything larger will be severed by Facebook at 520px. You’ll need to either reconfigure your tabs, or adjust the width and height in the code.

Another Facebook change affecting businesses is the addition of Facebook Places. Now Facebook users have the ability to check in at your location, which will broadcast to their friends. By claiming your Place, you can edit key information about your business and also merge your Place listing with your Facebook page. It’s another great opportunity to connect and interact with current and potential customers.

Are all of these changes overwhelming? Do you need some help with your social media program? Give mRELEVANCE a call at 770-383-3360 and we can design a program perfect for you.