Apps, Apps and More Apps

mobile phone appsWhen you’re out on the weekends exploring the city and want to find the hottest new restaurant for a quick Saturday bite, do you prefer to use your Smartphone’s mobile applications or Web browser to search? Well, if you’re under the age of 35, you’re more likely to use a mobile app according to a new study by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates. The data collected also found that Gen X and Gen Y are especially unhappy with mobile websites that are not designed for the small screen of their phones.

Why are apps becoming increasingly popular? According to Harry Wang, director of mobile product research with Parks Associates, using apps is easier. When you choose an app over a web browser, you don’t have to enter in a web address or deal with slow browser speeds.

However, other research is contradicting the Parks Associates findings. Taptu, a mobile search company and app maker found that the mobile web will most likely be subject to cross-platform browser-based mobile websites instead of apps built specifically for Smartphones. In addition to the Taptu findings, Adobe released a report that said people prefer the mobile web to apps.

So, what do you think: Will apps take over the world, or do web browsers still have a fighting chance?

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