Attracting All Audiences with YouTube

Keystone Custom HomesWhile YouTube One Channel has been around for a few months now, many brands don’t know how to best take advantage of the improvements that the new platform provides. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Layout: The new layout has removed the customizable background and replaced it with Content Art, which is a photo banner that resizes (think responsive design) to the appropriate  browser size based on the device used to access the site. Included in the Content Art are up to four verified site icons (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc.) that link to your other sites.
  • Sections: Customize your users’ experiences through sections, which can contain playlists, videos or both.
  • Tabs: While many users visit your YouTube channel to watch videos, YouTube has now added the opportunity for visitors to engage with your company further through tabs. The five tabs include:
    • Overview or Home: This tab displays the Channel Trailer for non-subscribers and your sections.
    • Videos: This is where viewers can see all of your video content.
    • Discussion: This tab encourages community by allowing users to comment directly to the channel or on specific videos.
    • About: Visitors can learn more about your brand and other online platforms, as well as find your Feature Channels list.
    • Custom: This page can be uniquely targeted to different kinds of users based on IP address, and is only available once a YouTube representative has verified your brand.
    • Channel Trailer: The Channel Trailer automatically begins for any non-subscriber who lands on your channel. It takes up a large portion of our channel’s homepage, making it an important element for you to use to provide a description of your channel or promote specific videos.
    • The Guide: Subscribers can now find your channel more easily thanks to The Guide; this is  a column on the left hand side of every YouTube page with a list of all the channels you subscribe to.

We recently completely rebranded Keystone Custom Homes’ YouTube One Channel to reflect these changes, so be sure to check it out by clicking here.

With so many updates to how companies can utilize YouTube, it may be overwhelming to figure out how to best engage the users you are trying to reach. This is where Marketing RELEVANCE comes in. Give us a call today to learn more about our social media programs.