Back to Basics: Public Relations for Builders

We have gotten lots of calls recently from home builders and developers looking to get back to the basics of marketing.  Looking for tried and true results and tired of all the big elaborate events, they seek a traditional public relations agency with the relationships to score stories in print media for them.  The ability to identify stories and tell them to the media in a compelling way isn’t as easy as you think! Do you know what specific reportes consider newsworthy? Do you know the best day of the week to cold call the real estate reporter at your business paper? What about when to send a news release versus a media advisory or a pitch?

The public relations team at mRELEVANCE can take your stories to the next level. Senior Account Manager Amanda Winters understands how to position news for top results.  This strategic team has expertise in green building, sustainable communities, adaptive resuse, master planned communities, luxury condos, custome homes, golf course communities and much, much more.

Call mRELEVANCE today to find out more about using public relations tactics, tools and strategies as an effective part of your marketing strategy. From scoring traditional print stories to posting stories on the Web through online public relations and social media optimization, mRELEVANCE can connect your relevant stories to relevant audiences. 770-383-3360 x30