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Become a Movie Star with Twitter’s New #FollowMe Video Service

FollowMeRecently, Twitter launched its newest tool, #FollowMe. This video service from the popular microblogging service allows users to instantly create and share movies that depict their social footprint, which includes top tweets, most popular times they tweet, followers and photos.

This campaign is powered by Vizify, a program that analyzes, organizes and digitizes your Twitter information into a short video. Additionally, music can be added to the video with , one of 30 licensed soundtracks.

From a brand perspective, creating a #FollowMe video is a great way to show potential and current customers why they should follow you, and what they can expect you to tweet about. Let’s face it, we all have companies and individuals we follow on Twitter, but don’t really pay attention to what they are saying. By providing your audience with this promotional video, you increase your chances of engagement, and at the same time further brand your company.

Once you have your company’s #FollowMe video, you should take time to share it with the world on all of your social media sites, as well as post it on your company’s website. Otherwise, what good is it doing for your brand?

Ready to turn your company into a movie star? To get started, all you have to do is grant Vizify third-party app access. Once they have access, you’ll be redirected to their site where you’ll find a customized video that you can edit to be as long or as short as you’d like.

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