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BLOG = Better Listings On Google

blog better listings on googleB = better

L = listings

O = on

G = Google

Marketing today is different. Yet, there is no need to reinvent it all. Think about how to integrate what you are already doing into today’s marketing mix. You should incorporate social media marketing into an overall marketing plan just as you do Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), events, advertising, specials and public relations.

Your online interactive strategy is built on stories, messages, and events, with ample space to encourage conversations and spontaneity. However, a sound social media strategy ends, rather than begins, with social networking sites. First, you must create an optimized website and blog. Whether you want to build brand or manage your reputation, you must create a plan, measure results, and focus on milestones. Milestones could include launching a blog, optimizing the blog to become a top five referral source to your website, or getting 200 new fans on Facebook.

Integrating social media into your overall marketing mix will streamline your program and make it more effective. Think of your blog or your blog/website as the engine of your program. Your editorial calendar will center on your blog and the blog will pull the entire program together.

My friend Paul Chaney says that BLOG stands for Better Listings on Google. Your blog or your blog/website links all of your sites together and provides your program with the necessary search engine optimization to improve your listings on Google, and all the other search engines for that matter. You blog or blog/website are the center of your program, much like the center of a wheel or a car’s engine. No matter what sites come and go, if you have built your program around the one piece that you own (your blog), you will have a strong program for years to come and great search engine optimization.

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