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Boomers and Social Networking sites…not just for kids anymore!

So you think Facebook and Myspace is for GenX and Y’ers? This is an article from, a reliable marketing source, about a study about on Baby Boomers and their use of Social Media outlets. If you think these sites are only for young people, and that your buyers are not there, think again.

Here is an excerpt from the article…contact us to help you use Social Media more effectively.

“according to a new Entertainment Trends in America study by The NPD Group, Port Washington, N.Y. Social networking sites used by teenagers and young adults are also being adopted by baby boomers (aged 44-61). The findings show that 41% of baby boomers have visited social networks, such as MySpace or Facebook, and 61% have been to sites with streaming or downloadable video.

The study, which surveyed 11,600 consumers online, also found that over 57% of Web users overall have stopped at social networking sites in the past three months. Baby boomers stopped on average of eight times in that period.”