Bowen Family Homes Offers a Tremendous Fall Promotion

pennyhouseandmoney[1]Bowen Family Homes has launched an amazing fall promotion titled the “Penny Power Promotion,” in which homebuyers have the chance to win a new Atlanta home for only $.01. The promotion is also beneficial for Realtors, as they have the opportunity to win $50,000. The Atlanta home builder has sought out assistance from mRELEVANCE, LLC to help promote the unprecedented incentive event.

Between September 9 and November 7, every homebuyer will have a chance to participate in a penny toss competition at various Bowen Family Homes communities throughout metro Atlanta. The first 100 homebuyers and Realtors to successfully toss a penny into a fish bowl from ten feet away will be entered into a finale event, which will take place in November. Final winners will be awarded a minimum prize of $2,500.

In addition to the penny toss, Bowen Family Homes will be offering other various penny incentives throughout the duration of the promotion. In order to say up-to-date on these, be sure to follow Bowen Family Homes on Twitter, which will be updated daily. More information on the Penny Power Promotion can also be found on the company’s Facebook page and the Bowen Family Homes blog.