Breaking Down Habits of Mobile Users

Habits of mobile device usersIf you’re always on the go (and who isn’t these days?), then chances are you’re spending plenty of time on the Internet from your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s a look at some of the latest statistics from Adobe Digital Index when it comes to smartphones and tablets:

  • Internet users visit 70 percent more pages on their tablet than their smartphone.
  • Tablet users are behaving more like PC users in the way they browse and engage.
  • Tablets are used more frequently on retail and e-commerce sites for product research.
  • Those visiting telecom and media sites are more likely to visit from their smartphone.
  • Digital print content is opened twice as often on tablets versus smartphones, and these users read three times as many pages.
  • Video starts on smartphones tripled year over year from 2011 to 2012; tablet video consumption slightly outpaced this.
  • One third of all Facebook likes are coming from mobile devices.
  • iOS accounts for 49 percent of all smartphone browsing and the majority of tablet browsing in the U.S.

As more consumers search for your content on the go, you need a plan to adapt. This plan might include components such as:

  • Responsive Design: Make sure you website is designed to respond to the screen size it is being displayed on. Consumers are more likely to spend time on site if the content they are viewing is easily readable, and they can find what they want quickly and easily.
  • Mobile Advertising: Your business should look into mobile and social advertising opportunities.
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails: With 37 percent of people now opening emails on their mobile devices, you need to make sure your email marketing campaigns are optimized for desktop and mobile.

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