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Build Business Networks with Linked In

Struggling to figure out how to use Social Media to promote your business?

Linked in is a business-oriented social networking site used to strengthen existing business relationships and form new ones. Think of it as an online resume and a Rolodex (for those Gen Ys who never had a Rolodex, it was a paper version of Outlook) rolled into one.

This is an online opportunity to promote your personal resume, skills and references. And, for those of us who constantly exceed the allowed pst file size in our Outlook account, Linked In acts as a great light CRM program for keeping track of business associates – best of all your contacts typically keep their information up to date so that you don’t have to constantly update it. With 30 million Linked In users, you are certain to find someone to link to.

LinkedIn Business Advantages
• Online Resume with references
• Online Rolodex
• Display you blog’s RSS feed
• Join groups – colleges, associations and more
• Ability to ask and answer questions – establish expertise in a field

LinkedIn examples
Carol Flammer– approaching 500 connections

Mitch Levinson

Bo Gilbert

Amanda Winters

Think of Linked In as a method to build personal brand online. Learn how to integrate Linked In into your social media marketing strategy, contact mRELEVANCE today at 770-383-3360 x20.