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Build it Better: How to Build a Marketing Campaign

Most businesses understand they need some kind of online presence and  concerted marketing strategy if they truly want to be successful. Anyone can put together a flyer and post some images to social media, but effective marketing plans take time to craft and they don’t build themselves. Rest assured that dedicating the time and effort to creating a solid marketing campaign will help increases your business’ profile and pay off in other measurable ways.

In this seminar, we’ll look at what other companies are doing to market themselves and whether those strategies are effective. We will evaluate landing pages, social channels, emails and printed material and discuss what makes them work, or what makes them duds. Our speakers will uncover how your marketing team can implement campaigns that leverage advertising, email marketing, social media and word of mouth marketing to attract and engage target audiences. We’ll look in particular at how to reach those coveted millennials, GenXers and others who live their lives online and we’ll talk about creative, fun promotions that speak to these groups. As part of this course, we will address how to build a marketing campaign, set appropriate goals and how to measure the campaign effectiveness. Participants can expect to learn how to tailor a campaign for  budgets both big and small.

This seminar is designed to be a 60 minute, 90 minute or half day lab. Request more information here