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Builder Radio Podcast Features Mitch Levinson on Branding

mitch-levinson-mrelMitch Levinson, managing partner of mRELEVANCE, was the featured guest on a recent Selling More Homes podcast on Builder Radio.

Does this phrase sound familiar? “I just don’t understand marketing anymore.” Chances are you are nodding your head yes. While marketing today has the same goals as the marketing of yesteryear, the tactics themselves have changed dramatically over the past few years. And, as a builder in a rapidly improving real estate market, you are more than likely focusing all of your time on building houses to keep up with demand, which is how it should be.

However, with all of the growth and change in the real estate market over the past year, it’s time to stop ignoring your marketing program and start embracing it. But, you can’t just stick to what has worked in the past, as today’s buyer is different and has different expectations.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the center of your marketing program should be your website and blog. Your online presence should be the core from which the rest of your marketing efforts start. Though, today’s media components shouldn’t just include public relations, print advertisements and billboards; instead, today’s buyer expects a positive, engaging presence on social media, mobile, email marketing, etc. as well.

Use your knowledge of who you target market to establish yourself as the expert. Don’t just build a home that they will love, but also build a message that will resonate with them and convince them to buy your home.

Be sure to download “Re-Branding Your Business for a New Market,” for more insights from Mitch, and if your company is looking for a branding boost, so that you can remained focus on what you do best, be sure to contact mRELEVANCE.