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Building The Website Of Your Dreams

2017-06-21The design of your website is very important, as we discussed in a previous post, but the user experience on your website and how interactive it is might be even more important. Creating the best website combines the ‘bling’ of graphic design and branding with interaction and information delivery creates a place where your buyers (and website visitors) can decide for themselves why you are their best option.

Graphic design created the look and feel of your website and most important brand deliverable; it is now time to turn those designs over to web developers to build the website of your dreams. The best website ever must include the current and ever changing trends in development. Staying up to date in these trends and functional (and cool) web features is critical to any web developer. Not only do we have to stay current in the many technical languages that are used in the backend of a website, but also which web browsers are also up to date on these new features so that the users that visit your site through one of these browsers are able to navigate through your website the way it was intended.

It is our developers’ job to follow the website functionalities that are discussed with the client, approved and then we can get started on their website! Not everyone knows what functional requirements are. Simply put, it is a document that specifies how the system of the website must operate. In other words, where does everything go on the site, what happens when this button is clicked on, how will the search work (if there is one), where are the sliders for images and which are static, what is the URL (web address) structure, etc. Once these requirements are approved, it is time for the developer to start building the backend of your website

It is the work of the developer to make the drop down menus work properly by making sure the right data is pulled to the front facing part of your website. How the site integrates with Google and their places features, how the code is installed so that every visitor and click is tracked, and how the user get to certain important information are all important questions answered during the web development process. Your website needs to be responsive on all devices and this is tested thoroughly by our developers before the website becomes live.

The backend of your website is like the engine that drives the car. You want users to have the best experience and you want to leave a positive impression that keeps them coming back. This positive impression will help to increase your ROI.

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