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Can Google One-Up Facebook?

google-+1-screenThe MVP of web search is trying to score in the field of social networking. Google is once again trying to create a social networking site.

On this latest and greatest attempt, called Google+, the search engine giant is picking up the ball Facebook dropped in terms of groups and privacy. The concept behind Google+ is that users will be able to share certain things in specific groups called ‘Circles.’ Management of friends is the name of the game. If you don’t want parents or colleagues to see pictures from that awesome party last weekend, you have the option of sharing them only with certain people.

For now, the site features a Facebook-like news feed called Sparks, tagging users, photo hosting by Picasa and more. Larry Page, Google co-founder and new CEO, pledged to make social networking a priority. The commitment indicates the site will develop further, so watch for more features.

A limited number of users received invitations to try it out back in the summer. Now that the site is in beta, you can try it out yourself and see what you think. Despite similarities, Google hasn’t publicly deemed Facebook a competitor. Google expects users won’t make Google+ their default social networking site and are fine with that. For now . . .

Among the notable users is Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, Facebook’s CEO is on Google+, and he’s got a growing 21,213 followers, making him the most followed. In case you were wondering, Larry Page, Google’s CEO, comes in second.

So have you signed up for Google+? What would you like to see the site roll out next? Most importantly, do you think the site will succeed? Let us know what you think!

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(Originally posted July 9, 2011. Updated September 26, 2011)