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Ceebraid Signal

Ceebraid SignalCeebraid Signal of Stamford, Connecticut, owns and manages apartment communities and other properties nationwide. When the company approached mRELEVANCE in January 2009, the website for its six Connecticut apartment communities was built in Flash and had attracted fewer than 1,300 web visits for the entire month.

Although mRELEVANCE suggested migrating the website to PHP, the company wanted to maintain Flash programming for the website, even though it was a roadblock to SEO. To increase traffic and SEO, we built a new blog and began building links using some of our internal company websites and several key online directories.

By July 2009, traffic had increased by more than 60%, to more than 3,400 visits per month. With those results, we were able to convince the company that rebuilding the website in PHP and integrating a social media strategy would yield even greater returns. The new website, built in PHP with some Flash components, launched in February 2010 and has attracted an average of 7,000 visitors per month and a one-month high of 8,650. In addition, two of the company’s properties have been sold to other investors, and three of the remaining six are almost fully leased.