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Chicago Fish Guy

Website designChoose a company that makes the process go swimmingly. That’s what Marine Concepts did. Do you think you have such a specialized business that a website and/or search engine optimization isn’t important? Think again. mRELEVANCE built a brand new website for this custom aquarium installation and maintenance company in November 2012. We worked closely with the client to develop a keyword list that included phrases like “Chicago area saltwater tank maintenance.” Then, we produced a fully optimized website around those keywords, and have been building domain authority for the client ever since, resulting in top ranking search results. By August 2013, the site’s search traffic had increased 500 percent, and it was ranked on page one for six keywords.

In addition to SEO, mRELEVANCE was able to successfully improve the company’s entire online presence; highlighting the client’s professionalism and range of expertise. And, since a picture says a thousand words, we did that with an image gallery that is continually updated to show the company’s specialization and competencies. Check out their awesome fish tanks! And you can take our word on the company’s work – Marine Concepts services our beautiful 150-gallon aquarium in our Chicago office.

Dave Robinson, owner of Marine Concepts, says, “I have gotten seven new repeat clients since the website’s launch. Most of these clients have commented on the diversity that the new site offers.”