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Communicating with Your Customers: They are Just a Click Away

BlogCommunicating with your customer base is fundamental, especially in an age where your competition is only a click away. Social media helps maintain communication, and a blog is the perfect tool to use. Businesses use blogs to showcase new products, give advice to potential clients, discuss industry news or share current events. A blog can help position your company as an expert, build your brand and even increase your website traffic. If this sounds like a communication tool that you’d like to use for your business, read on. I’ve included some guidelines to get you started.

1) Start with a Plan. All successful business blogs have a plan for creating content. The content created should showcase the scope of your business. Below are some quick examples:
a. An Ornamental Tree Farm should post about its various species of available trees. Photos of the trees should be included.
b. A real estate firm can post pictures of homes for sales with links to relevant sales information.
c. Legal firms can upload videos offering basic legal tips. They should choose what tips to highlight based on the questions they get the most often.
2) Assemble a Team. Don’t try to do it all yourself, find and enlist the help of others. You may be surprised at which team member of your business love to write and are interested in posting.
a. Create a plan for who will be posting on the blog.
i. Will it be the owner of the firm or an employee?
ii. Will all content be produced in-house or will you employ a PR firm or copywriter?
3) Strive for Consistency. Blogs that attract the most visitors and the search engines are ones that post articles on a consistent basis. Of course quantity alone is not enough, your site must have quality content.
a. Keep a consistent posting timetable. Will you post twice a week, three times a week or just four times a month. Find your publishing groove and stick with it.

These first three steps will help you start thinking about the strategy and planning that goes into blogging. Look for future posts on SEO and ROI, using the blog as the center of your social networking outreach and syndication, and types of blog software. Lots of decisions go into creating a successful blog that has reach with your customers as well as the search engines.

As you start blogging, let me know what questions you have. The team at mRELEVANCE is here to help, contact us!