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Connecting at ALI 2015

Marketing RelevanceThis year’s NAHB Association Leadership Institute (ALI) takes place July 22 – 24 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our managing partners, Carol Morgan and Mitch Levinson look forward to presenting at this conference and networking with executive officers, association leaders and staff from all over the country. The Pittsburgh Pirates versus the Washington Nationals at PNC Park promises to hit one out of the park as a memorable networking event. But make sure to take note of these “don’t miss” educational sessions too.

Who Says Social Media Can’t Drive Membership?

Engage with members and spread the word through your loyal following with social media. Presented in conjunction with Blake Goldmerstein, Senior Manager of Membership Marketing for NAHB, Mitch and Carol work to debunk the popular myth that you can publish a few Facebook updates and suddenly get new members.

Social media must start with solid and specific goals. Learn how to think differently and understand the goals that should be associated with using social media and engaging different audiences online. Understand how a social media program fits into the larger association functional departments, like marketing and advocacy, in addition to membership.

Effective social techniques and highlights of the successful NAHB Membership Video Contest will be presented as a case study. The “NAHB Wants You!” contest was incredibly successful with 2,619 views on YouTube for the promotional video and 25 video entries that received 7,000 views. Membership chair Michael “Pit Bull” Kurpiel shared contagious enthusiasm as the star of the video appealing to younger members and a more broad audience. Several HBAs mentioned that creating the videos was a great way for their members to show their pride in the local association while having fun with their fellow members.

11 Social Media Mistakes: Are you Avoiding Them All?

This dynamic session features Chad Davis, Senior Director, Online Services and Digital Media and Carol Morgan. This presentation is built around a list of 11 mistakes that happen regularly when brands first get involved with social media. Chad and Carol will talk through each risk and how to avoid it.

Other topics covered include creating a social media strategy based on measurable goals, and realizing the importance of taking a measured pace to building a social media presence, including the necessity of developing a content calendar. Finally, does your organization know why a social media policy is important? Chad and Carol explain why this often overlooked document is important even for small organizations with few staff.

If you have never attended ALI, there is no time like the present! ALI 2015 brings NAHB staff and volunteers together for leadership development, team collaboration and education. mRELEVANCE has supported this worthwhile conference over the years through speaking, exhibiting and sponsorship. For conference details, visit To schedule an appointment with Carol or Mitch, please visit our contact form and let us know a few available times.