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Signature Homes Facebook promotion

Signature Homes Facebook promotion

Contests, Promotions and Incentives are Hot! Whether they are on Groupon, Living Social or your own corporate Facebook page, the goal is to attract friends, fans and followers and sell more of your product or service.

Contests can help you build brand loyalty with your existing clients. But for many of the online masses, it is ultimately ALL about what you are giving away — the bigger the bling, the better the results. Then, take that a step further and promote the fool out of it. If you don’t promote it, you are limiting yourself to the traffic on the site where the contest is posted.

Let’s say the prize is an iPad 2. Everyone wants one, right? This is a GREAT prize, some ideas for promotion include:

  1. Promote it via the Corporate facebook page, add a Facebook landing page (like the one above on Signature Homes Facebook.)
  2. Blog about it on your blog and other blogs
  3. Use Twitter and tweet daily or every other day about the contest
  4. Distribute an Eblast to your customers and prospects
  5. Geo target a Facebook ad toward your specific city/zipcode/area
  6. Pass out flyers about your promotion at events
  7. Write a news release about it and post it online
  8. Switch out your banner ads to link to the promotion on your blog

Your goal with a Facebook contest is to build a relevant fan base and not just attract a group of people who go from Facebook wall to wall looking to win a contest.

Let us know how we can help. Marketing to customers online through social media is something we do every day. Contact the team at mRELEVANCE.