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Conversion is the Internet Marketing King

Internet MarketingBusinesses know that they should use Internet marketing to increase sales, but what exactly are they trying to achieve through these marketing techniques? A recent study from MarketingSherpa analyzed just that. Marketers were asked to rate various search engine optimization goals for their website based on their personal priority levels.

The study found that by far (83 percent), the most important goal for marketers was to increase overall conversion for pages. In other words, they want web visitors to take action and ultimately become a sale. Other high ranking goals include learning about customer behaviors and motivations, determining the most effective page elements, discovering the most appropriate wording and phrasing, finding leaks in the conversion funnel and building brand awareness.

However, these priorities shift depending on the industry, company size and maturity levels. For example, the results showed that conversion was a more predominant focus among businesses which market directly to consumers, as opposed to businesses which market to other businesses.

No matter how you slice and dice the numbers though, conversion remains key. Whether you are trying to convert potential customers into buyers on your website, social media sites or in person your business should be analyzing everything you are creating to guarantee it’s what is actually working and producing the highest return on investment.

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